• Alexandria Rodriguez

Maximize Your 9-5 Work Day

It’s easy to get caught up in the 9-5 work flow and put your dreams on hold. Whether you work from home or in an office setting, these tips will help you maximize your day, allowing more time for both your main job and your side hustle.

Working long hours can be difficult and draining, especially when you are putting all of your energy into something that is not bringing you joy or fulfillment, and especially if it is not getting you closer to your dreams.

Here I share some of my biggest tips I have learned and apply in my own personal life that keep me prepared and help me take advantage of every hour of the day.

  • #1: PREPARE A LIST either the night before or first thing in the morning every single day. Divide your list into two separate columns, with one titled “Personal” and the other labeled “Work”. Include 3-6 tasks that must be completed first or that are the most important in both sections. This allows you to prioritize the things you need to get done both at home and at the office, and in the end saves you from feeling like you only have time for your 9-5 and no personal time left over for the things that truly matter to you. Tackling your largest, most difficult tasks first allows you to complete the smaller ones throughout the day with ease and confidence. You will also begin to feel much more accomplished throughout the day and motivated to keep up with your life outside of work. I challenge you to try this for one week straight and see what a difference it can make.

  • #2: AVOID BURNOUT by taking breaks. Just like anything in life, we all need small breaks to keep us moving. Take the gym for example: If you workout every single day of the week, you are likely to feel less motivated to continue going day after day. Your body will soon be too sore and tired to keep giving it's best effort during every workout and you may even be mentally drained if you are already forcing yourself to go. However, if you take a rest day in between, you will have time to unwind and let yourself recover. Taking a break allows you to feel refreshed, rejuvenated, refocused, and much more motivated to get back after a day off. Work is the exact same. And I'm not saying to start calling out sick once every week by any means... but take the small breaks you are given, even if it is only your lunch break, to reset.

  • #3: GET EXCITED about going. Sounds crazy right? Who wants to be told they should be excited to go work an 8 hour shift that they may not even truly enjoy? Surprisingly enough, doing things to boost your mood in the morning before work and on your commute there will keep your mood elevated for the rest of the day! It is obviously very difficult and unsafe to complete multiple tasks while driving, but something as simple as listening to a podcast on your way to work allows you to maximize that time you spend in traffic and at the same time you learn something new. Instead of waking up every day sad and sluggish thinking about going to work and telling yourself "it isn't worth my time, I don't get paid enough, there are so many other things I could do if I didn't have this job" etc., try waking up and thinking:

I am grateful to have a job where I can make money

I am going to have a productive day today

I am able to interact with my coworkers and/or customers who may teach me something

My experience at this job will prepare me for greater responsibilities in the future

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