• Alexandria Rodriguez

How to Create a Vision Board That Actually Works

Vision boards have grown more and more popular over time, but are they being used effectively? Learn how to create one that will help you manifest everything you desire.

Above is my 2020 Vision Board that I am both vulnerably and excitedly sharing. I have used a very simple, straightforward poster as the background and a collage style method. I want to focus this year on simplicity, so that was my starting point. I have pasted images from magazines of places to travel, quotes or words that stand out and inspire me, and things I want to manifest into my future. Notice, however, that I did my best to leave out the standard materialistic items- cars, handbags, shoes, etc. Now let me tell you why...

Vision boards are created for many purposes, but mainly for inspiration and motivation. They give you the opportunity to collect images of things that excite and inspire you or reflect the person you want to become and literally put your VISION for what you want in life on paper. It is safe to say that if you do not have a vision board, you should absolutely create one. All you need is a few magazines, a poster board/paper to paste on, scissors, and some tape.

If you are one of the few people who have tried using a vision board and feel as though they don't really work, these are usually the top three reasons:

  1. You created a wonderful vision board, but never looked at it again once it was completed. Consistency and daily reminders are key with this!

  2. You pasted things onto your vision board that require effort to acquire in real life, yet did not put the work in and now believe the vision board was a waste of your time. For example: pasting a photo of a fitness model because you want your body to look like hers, but you don't start going to the gym. Unrealistic expectations will not lead you to success.

  3. You pasted only materialistic items that you desire. This is the most common misconception with vision boards -- thinking that if you paste expensive items, they will miraculously appear in your life. (Side note: They will make you happy, but they will not fulfill you!) Focus on the things that bring you the money you would like to have flowing in order to then have the freedom to purchase those items.

What you need to consider:

  • A Timeline: Be reasonable. I created mine for the year of 2020, January through December. The goals I have set for myself regarding self-help, self healing, health, etc. will have outcomes and results that last far beyond the end of this year of course, but I am giving myself a timeline to begin working on those goals and committing to them starting now.

  • Purpose: There needs to be true meaning behind each and every single thing you decide to put on your vision board. Be intentional. This is for YOU. What do you want to really, truly focus on this year? What is it that you would love to have in your life that you keep putting off or pushing away?

  • Commitment: A vision board is much more than just a collage of photos that look pretty on paper. It is an extremely powerful tool when used correctively and effectively. Your vision board is meant to be looked at morning and night, every single day. Constantly remind yourself that everything on your board is ACCESSIBE, ATTAINABLE, and POSSIBLE. You must first believe in the things that you are selecting and pasting in order to bring them into your life.


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